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As a first step of the design research, I wanted to visually understand the frequency and entity of earthquakes hitting the world and Italy in particular. Here an open source visualizations of them, based on data from, I hope it will serve as a base for other researches.

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Marco Maria Pedrazzo

Author Marco Maria Pedrazzo

I love to understand how things work, from technological engineering to social communities. I take on work enthusiastically and learn quickly. I love star wars and cats, but dogs are no problem. Most importantly, I love people. It’s a quite general statement but I do: I spend time understanding how they feel and think, believing it’s the only real way to solve problems. I am a trained architect and licensed engineer, with a focus on computation in design. My defining projects in this emergent field span humanitarian design (Open Source Emergency Shelter) to urban systems (Social Computation for urban mobility, with MIT Senseable City Lab). I graduated from the highly selective Alta Scuola Politecnica, and served as an active leader in polytechnic institutes and design schools on Smart Cities, strategy and UX. At the innovative architecture and technology studio Carlo Ratti Associati, I focused my work on creating transformative spatial experiences through design and technology.

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